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How to buy property in Egypt


Q: How much do you charge?

A: Nothing is added on to the asking price. This service is free to you. We are paid a commission by the developers.

Q: How do I find a lawyer?

A: We have some tried and tested lawyers who we trust to take you through the legalities of buying a property in Egypt.

Q: What is ‘Due Diligence?

A: Due Diligence is a legal procedure carried out to protect you the buyer. It takes into account, amongst other things, the financial and legal aspects of a property, ensuring that you actually get what you think you’re getting.

Q: Will I own my property 100%?

A: Yes, most developments in Hurghada are ‘Freehold’ this means that you own your property 100% and also own a piece of the land too. In other areas of Egypt many properties are sold ‘leasehold’ meaning you only own your property for the time specified by the ‘leasehold’ terms.

Q: How will I understand the contract?

A: The contract will be in Arabic and English or Arabic and the language of your choice.

Q: Is it safe to live in Hurghada?

The warm weather and friendly people ensures that Hurghada remains a popular choice for Europeans looking to re-locate. The Egyptians are some of the warmest and friendliest people in the world.

Egypt often suffers from media hype and bad press. This affects the economy of the country and has a knock on effect on the livelihood of the locals who rely on tourism to live.

Political and social upheavals are occurring the world over, begging the question ‘Is anywhere safe to live now days?’

Q: Can I get an extended visa?

A: Yes, you will need to go to the Passport Office here in Hurghada with; your passport; one passport size photo; 2 copies of the photo page of your passport and 2 copies of the last visa entry stamp (which is in your passport) They will give you a straight forward form to complete. You then had it all in at the counter and they take it all and ask you to return at 1pm the next day, where your passport complete with extended visa will be ready.

Q: How do I go about opening a bank account in Hurghada?

A: You will need between 1,000LE-4,000LE depending on the bank, to open an account. You will also need your passport (with at least a 6 month visa stamp) a copy of your residents’ contract and some proof of income. They will then ask you to complete a form; they will give you your account number and ask you to return for your card in about one week.

Q: How will I know that my property is safe when I’m not there?

A: for an additional charge we offer a full rental service; also a ‘key holding’ service which means we will visit your property on a regular basis to check everything is in order and if you let us know your arrival date, we will ensure that the property is cleaned and that there are some basic groceries in the property for you.

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