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Here are some reasons “WHY” you should choose CSC Property:

  • Consultants:

Throughout the whole buying process our team, which has a significant experience, will ensure you with a professional guidelines and will help out in answering all the questions of yours which may occur.


  • Lawyers:

Our reliable lawyers will provide you with “step-by-step” support of the buying process in Egypt, therefore you will not feel concerned while purchasing in a foreign country.


  • Multilingual Representatives

We break the border of language between us and would like to stay on the same lane; accordingly our representatives speak English, Ukrainian, Slovakian, Italian and Arabic.


  • Payment Plans

The payment plans are created in a way in order to make the property affordable for you. The payment plan “Off Plan” can be spread over 1 to 4 years; is a new build and is offered by the developers along with being secured by us.



  • Property Management Service

This service includes: managing your property, the rentals and ensure you with ROI (return on investment).



  • For one off yearly payment


  • Holding your keys, visiting your apartment twice a month, reporting back to you each time and ensuring everything is in order.
  • We will clean and prepare your apartment before your arrival 4 times a year before your visit. Just let us know when you are coming!
  • Providing essential groceries before your arrival for the first night stay (water, milk, bread, butter, etc. – wine and beer optional)
  • For rentals the cleaning, groceries and welcome package services will be a separate option (with extra fee)???
  • Also includes 2 FREE airport transfers (total of 4 people).



  • Furniture


At CSC Property Management we believe that successful interiors don’t just happen to achieve the right glance, a confident design approach and an eye for quality which are required. We have a wealth of experience in property sales and have listened to our clients’ needs. Realizing that you don’t always want mass-produced furnishings made from inferior materials, we have drawn on this expertise to create furniture collections and interiors that are aesthetically pleasing ensuring your expectations are met to the highest level and in an honest  way. So whether you would like us to bring to your already furnished property or you would like us to design your individual look from scratch using our beautiful modern furniture collections you can be sure that we at CSC will deliver “Design You Desire” quality furniture collections and our “Ready to Move” collections are available.

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Moreover, for help with general furniture such as white goods and for shopping trips, taking the leg work and stress away. Feel free to email us  and we will be happy to help you J

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